Are You Managing Your Career...Or Is It Managing You?

There is a solution to the frustration.

There are proven methods which give you step by step instruction and direction putting you in charge of your career...your future...your life.

Here is your solution. Here is your unique Career Transitions program giving you control and the power to determine your own destiny.

Watch the pieces of your career puzzle fall into place giving you the best shot at your professional success and fulfillment. Thrill at the satisfaction of finally bringing into focus the path you've always pictured yourself following.

Feel the excitement of total confidence in controlling your choice of employment...your growth in this career...your rewards for making the right choices.

Career Transitions gives you this control...delivers this power...makes your future what you want it to be.

What's In It For Me?

Accurate and useable career assessment with personal growth strategies makes all the difference between your satisfying professional success or failure.

Consider this...

A recent Society for Human Resource Management and USATODAY poll found that only 30% of employees were very satisfied with their current job...

Studies from the Gallup organization show that employees who have an above average attitude toward their work generate 38% higher customer satisfaction scores, 22% higher productivity and 27% higher profits for their companies.

Would discovery of your best career fit give you such an above average attitude? Do you understand now why employers fight over employees like these and what kind of rewards you'll receive when you become one of them?

Finally, in a Fortune magazine "100 Best Company's To Work For" survey, not a single employee said money was a reason they loved where they worked. NOT ONE!

Obviously, professional achievement and satisfaction is not the same simple formula for everyone.

Career Transitions Solves This Problem and Meets This Challenge Uniquely For You

Cindy Cannon, creator of the exclusive Career Transitions program has done all the work for you. Over the last twenty years, Cindy has earned recognition as one of the nation's leading personnel recruiters.

You don't obtain such acknowledgement without knowing what it takes to satisfy professional career demands. You achieve this status working with thousands of employees and a huge number of businesses. Her motto of "believe in yourself and work with your strengths" illustrates Cindy's successful practical insight and experience.

Such qualification is one reason Career Transitions provides you with tested proof of success. Another is the extraordinary team we've built which is fully capable and highly motivated to provide you with what's required to attain professional success...satisfy a constantly evolving marketplace...and love the life such a journey creates.

We developed Career Transitions because we cannot place every single person that is referred to us. When this occurs, we want those referrals prepared and capable of confidently and accurately finding their own dream position with the employer that will bring them the greatest possible satisfaction and fulfillment.

Is Now The Time For You?

Even if you're not actively seeking a career change, Career Transitions trains and prepares you to make the best assessment, decisions and actions when you are ready.

If you are...

  • not satisfied with your current employment

  • not sure what type of work would satisfy you most

  • not clear on how to identify realistic options that are best for you

  • not familiar with the best ways to locate viable alternatives in your career path

  • not sure of the best way to identify yourself and your advantages to the marketplace

  • not positive of surefire ways to best communicate your message so you get what you want

...then Career Transitions is everything you need.

Your Answers and Solutions To These Challenges and Many More Are Customized In Your Individualized Career Transitions Program

Even better, the whole process is actually fun...

Our team helps you realize your dreams. Our instruction and training exercises are not dull and dreaded work. They keep you happily involved as together; we finally put those pieces of your professional puzzle together.

Here's The Break You've Been Waiting For

Now, you have the solution - someone who has done all the groundwork for you. Someone who has learned with practical and successful experience what it takes to truly understand how to identify your best career fit...your most effective way to make it to give you the ability and control to make it happen NOW.

Stop feeling like your career and your future is on hold.

Give us a call at (770)945-5445 or get in touch with Cindy online at to find out how easy it is to manage your career instead of it managing you by...

  • accurately identifying your realistic potential

  • creating your best plan of action to reach that potential

  • fulfilling your potential and desires with your dream job and have fun doing it

The choice is yours...take control of your own professional and related personal destiny or let someone else continue to control it for you.

What's your choice?

Call Cindy and her exceptional Career Transitions team at (770-945-5445) or get in touch at right now --- it's your future!