Another exclusive resource available only through Growth Management Group is Cindy Cannon's professional inspirational keynote speeches & personal and career coaching.  Drawing upon her own incredible journey through so many unbelievable personal ordeals and career challenges, Cindy truly proves there not only are ways to persevere through such challenges but to actually grow and be happy while achieving such success.

"Cindy has a gift - she is truly an amazing person!  Whether she's talking to a friend, a candidate or a client company, her message is always optimistic.  She makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and everything I set my mind to."  Diane Murphy, Allied Automotive Group

"Cindy has a life story to tell.  It is a story of courage, of determination, of overcoming obstacles, of taking charge.  It is both inspiring and motivating.  Cindy Cannon is one of those "people" speakers who understand the disconnectedness of our society and help remedy it.  It is my pleasure to recommend Cindy to you as a speaker - I am convinced you will profit from it."  Lya Sorano, Atlanta Women In Business

Having endured 15 surgeries and conquering numerous health challenges and related life traumas, Cindy has developed an inspiring and motivating personalization that uniquely recognizes and rewards the human connection we all need to truly prosper in our personal and professional lives.  

Cindy both instructs and excites her audiences with her extraordinary series of professional motivational speeches and one on one coaching. In addition, as a published author and certified graduate of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop, Cindy helps guide us all through life's trials and tribulations with her optimistic and encouraging life stories.