Volunteering That Makes A Difference

It has sincerely been my pleasure to personally discover the truth in that familiar adage, "the more you give, the more you'll get."

Obviously, the concept is pure and simple.  Not so clear, however, is the true realization of the immense rewards delivered by simply putting such a thought into action.

While you may already be participating in some chosen ways to truly give to others and help those who are in need, I want you to consider one other option.

I know through my own personal involvement and that of family and friends, this option will lift your spirit and enrich your life in a way that exceeds adequate description.  I guarantee it.

Trinity Community Ministries, TCM, is an independent non-profit organization maintaining a strong connection with Trinity UMC, one of the three "main" downtown Atlanta churches.  TCM's flagship program, Trinity Table, is a soup kitchen that serves the hungry and the homeless.

Currently, TCM is the only downtown Sunday soup kitchen.

In addition to feeding about 400 people every Sunday, TCM also distributes clean clothes, offers a referral desk, free legal advice once a month and always a private prayer table.

As you can imagine...TCM's needs are great.

Our first visit and involvement with this amazing group and service made such a tremendous and positive impact that we eagerly volunteered for continual and regular involvement. It changed our lives when we walked through the door visiting Cathy, Roy's Sister who runs the Soup Kitchen.

Trinity Table, the soup kitchen flagship program is just one of a number of programs coordinated and administered by this wonderful organization.  There certainly is something you can do to help those homeless and helpless who need it so badly.

We offer you a small challenge.  Sometime today, take just one brief moment and do some very small unsolicited favor for someone.  No big deal, just some little nicety that's easy to deliver and just as easily received.

Made you feel good, didn't it? 

It doesn't matter if what you did or said was to friend, family or stranger.  The result is the same.

I bet you felt happy and a little proud of yourself.  It's okay...there's nothing wrong with that.

Now, imagine how terrific you'll feel when you do something that will help lots of people, probably hundreds of people, all at the same time with really minor effort and commitment.

The rush of contentment and fulfillment will blow you away.

Not only will you feel on top of the world that day, we promise the satisfaction and rewards will remain with you for many, many days to come.

Look, I know we're all busy as we think we can be.  That's part of the reason we often feel that nagging feeling that there has to be more to life than what our everyday routine delivers.

Trust me...Give yourself a small chance here.  Do something different.  Pick up the phone or send us an e-mail and we'll get you in touch with the right person at this miraculous resource which serves so many who need it so desperately and need it right now.

We did just that and we will guarantee you this...grab this opportunity to help a lot of people who may not have much more than hope and you will reap benefits that exceed your wildest imagination.

Get in touch with us right now...Feel the gratification the rest of your life!

Cindy  at (770)945-5445 cindy@gmgweb.com or Roy at (770)945-5445 ext 303  roy@gmgweb.com

Make a difference to Trinity House today. Call Cathy and say we referred you. They need the help every weekend.